March 26, 2023

What To Do When She Says That She Has A Boyfriend

What I plan on discussing right now usually happens at bars and clubs, even though it can happen anytime a man is interacting with a woman.

Imagine for a moment that you are talking with a woman when she suddenly decides to tell you that she is married or has a boyfriend.

Now you might be asking yourself, when a woman tells a man that she is involved with someone, what does that mean?

In almost every single case it can only mean one of two things.

1. She is not attracted to you

2. She only wants to have sex with you right now with no strings attached just like sometimes on adultfrinendfinder.

Perhaps, you have already noticed that her being in a relationship is not part of the answer.

This is so because women both single and attached can and do use this line often, in addition women both single and attached can not tell a man they are attached as well.

The important thing to understand and discover is not if she is in a relationship or not, rather if she just wants to have sex right now with no strings attached.

If a sexual relationship with no strings attached is not what you are looking for, then take what she says as fact and move on.

For everybody else, you can ask her if she wants to go someplace else.
Women who are not attracted to you will say no but will admire your commitment in asking.

Women who simply want to have sex with no strings attached will say yes and then proceed to follow your lead.

The best part is women who say no sometimes will introduce you to one of her friend’s who is looking for sex with no strings attached if there happens to be one in her group.

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