December 3, 2022

Things That Do NOT Matter When All You Want Is Sex From A Woman

A majority of the time when a man just wants to have sex with a woman and doesn’t it is because he focused more on the things that didn’t matter instead of those things that do matter when it comes to just having sex with a woman.

Below you will find a few things that men choose to focus on when it comes to just having sex with a woman that don’t matter and a brief reason as to why it doesn’t.

-Her Relationship Status

If all you want is sex, your knowing that she is in a relationship or just been through a rough breakup isn’t helping you.

In fact, knowing this information is making it more difficult for you because she isn’t feeling sexual attraction when you talk about that kind of stuff with her.

-Taking Her Out/ Making Plans For A Future Date

Delaying what you want, implies that you have no other options or you want something more than just sex.

When all you want is sex on login, giving a woman the impression that you want something more than that actually makes it less likely that sex will happen as well as spending a whole lot of time and perhaps money to discover that fact for yourself.

-Listening To Her Talk

Her opening her mouth and talking is a given!

You listening to or getting involved in a discussion with her will only lead you further away from your goal.

Instead, use that time to escalate physical contact and if she must talk get her to talk and think about more sexual type of topics.

In the end, as long as you focus on things that don’t matter when it comes to just having sex with a woman.

The more likely you are to not get what you want, which I imagine is not what you want, right?

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